[Numpy-discussion] 1.7.x release of NumPy

Travis Oliphant teoliphant at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 23:32:36 EDT 2011

Hi all, 

Has there been a discussion of a 1.7.x release of NumPy?     There are a few new features that should go into the 1.x release of NumPy, that don't require the ABI changes of 2.0.    I thought I had heard Mark talk in support of such a thing.  

What are the plans for the release of NumPy 2.0? 

Between my experiences over the last 4 years of working on real-world projects, the data array summit, SciPy, and conversations with Mark Wiebe, Peter Wang, Wes McKinney and others over the past months,  there is a collection of pretty concrete ideas emerging about where the next version of NumPy should go.    Some of these can be folded into NumPy 2.0 (and even 1.7), but my mind is racing around NumPy 3.0 at this point. 


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