[Numpy-discussion] PyPy guys deserve some help on micronumpy from you, numpy gurus!

Valery Khamenya khamenya at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 06:23:03 EDT 2011

(replying please Cc to me)

There is a module micronumpy that appeared at PyPy source tree:

The great contributions of Justin Peel and Ilya Osadchiy to micronumpy
module revive step-by-step the functionality of numpy.
It would be great if some of numpy-gurus could jump in to assist, contribute
some code and also, perhaps, guide a bit where the things go deeply in numpy

For those who don't know yet much about PyPy:
PyPy is a fast implementation of Python 2.7.
As a rule of thumb, PyPy is currently about 4x times faster than CPython.
Certain benchmarks taken from the real life show 20x speed-up and more.
The successes of PyPy performance are very remarkable http://speed.pypy.org/

best regards
Valery A.Khamenya
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