[Numpy-discussion] array.tofile() refuses to write into a StringIO

Chris.Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Sep 27 11:48:38 EDT 2011

On 9/27/11 2:14 AM, oc-spam66 wrote:
>>   if you want to write to a string, why not use .tostring()?
> Because A.tostring() returns the binary data, while I would like the text representation.
> More precisely, I would like to use A.tofile(sep="\t").

I see -- I've always thought mingling binary and text reading and 
writing was an API mistake.

> Ah, I found a workaround: savetxt() can work with a StringIO
> ->  savetxt(file_buffer, A)
> This is only a workaround. I still think A.tofile() should be capable of
> writing into a StringIO.

or .tostring() should support text (but that's what savetxt is for)

Anyway, the text behavior of fromfile() and tofile() is broken in many 
ways -- it really need a major refactor,and yes,this is one issue that 
it would be nice to address. Or just get deprecate the text functionality.


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