[Numpy-discussion] Licensing question

Damon McDougall damon.mcdougall at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 16:44:53 EDT 2012


I have a question about the licence for NumPy's codebase. I am currently
writing a library and I'd like to release under some BSD-type licence.
Unfortunately, my choice to link against MIT's FFTW library (released
under the GPL) means that, in its current state, this is not possible.
I'm an avid NumPy user and thought to myself that, since NumPy's licence
is BSD, I'd be able to use some of the source code (with due credit, of
course) instead of FFTW. Is this possible? I mean, can I redistribute
*PART* of NumPy's codebase? Namely, the fftpack.c file? I was under the
impression that I could only redistribute BSD source code as a whole and
then I read the licence more carefully and it states that I can modify
the source to suit my needs. I consider 'redistributing a single file
and ignoring the other files' as a 'modification' under the BSD
definition, but maybe I'm thinking too wishfully here.

Any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated since I am a
total code licence noob.

Thank you.

P.S. Yes, I know I could just release under the GPL, but I don't want to
turn people off of packaging my work into a useful product licensed
under BSD, or even make money from it.

Damon McDougall
Mathematics Institute
University of Warwick
West Midlands
United Kingdom

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