[Numpy-discussion] Limit in NpyIter_MultiNew: NPY_MAXARGS

Sergio Pascual sergio.pasra at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 06:23:55 EDT 2012

I have written a program that makes use of NpyIter_Multi to iterate
simultaneously over a large number of 2d arrays. But I have noticed
that there is a limit of 32 in the number of simultaneous iterators
allowed. This number is NPY_MAXARGS. I typically need to iterate over
hundreds of images.

So, what is the rationale to have the limit in 32 instead of, say, 1024?

If this number cannot easily be increased in the source code, what is
the alternative to iterate over a large number of images? Could it be
an array of NpyIter objects?

Regards, Sergio

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