[Numpy-discussion] minor threads-related issue in numpy-release 1.6.2 and numpy-dev

Aron Ahmadia aron at ahmadia.net
Tue Aug 14 10:27:09 EDT 2012

> Some parts of the numpy code release the GIL, so it needs to be reacquired
> in order to call the Python C_API. A quick look shows a call to
> PyObject_Print in the function and there may be other such calls. The right
> fix is probably to use a couple of ifdefs if there is an easy way to
> determine the Python interpreter configuration <looks>... WITH_THREAD seems
> to be the right flag.

I totally missed the PyObject_Print calls on read-through.  Okay, this
makes sense now.  I'll put together a patch the next time I'm waiting on a
build :)

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