[Numpy-discussion] Adding solvers to scipy.integrate [Was: A step toward merging odeint and ode]

Fabrice Silva silva at lma.cnrs-mrs.fr
Tue Aug 21 04:22:13 EDT 2012

Le lundi 20 août 2012 à 22:04 +0200, Ralf Gommers a écrit :
> https://github.com/FabricioS/scipy/commit/f867f2b8133d3f6ea47d449bd760a77a7c90394e

> This is probably not worth the cost for existing users imho. It is a
> backwards compatibility break that doesn't really add anything except
> for some consistency (right?).

Hi Ralf,
Ok concerning this point.

In addition, I have been looking to suggest additional solvers,
essentially simpler scheme, that would thus allow to easily switch
between "complex" (lsode, vode, cvode) and basic schemes (Euler,
Nicholson, etc...)

I came across some code on the Montana Univ.'s Computer Science dpt:
and asked Jesse Johnson (the responsible for that class) what is the
license for that code. Here is his answer : 

        Any thing that you find on those pages, you may use. However,
        I'm not sure how to go about officially giving the code a
        particular license. Can I add a license to the wiki, stating
        that it applies to all the code therein?
        PS It is fantastic you're doing this. I've often thought that
        scipy.ode could use some improvements.

He is cc'ed of this mail, could anyone concerned about scipy license
requirements and more generally in code licensing answer him ?


Fabrice Silva

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