[Numpy-discussion] Mark Florisson's GSoC, minivect, and NumPy

Dag Sverre Seljebotn d.s.seljebotn at astro.uio.no
Mon Aug 27 07:56:02 EDT 2012

I just wanted to draw the attention of NumPy devs to Mark Florisson's 
GSoC work.

It is 'minivect', a tool to use for compiling array expressions (think 
(as a concept) a shared backend between Cython, Theano, numba, though 
it's only used in Cython currently).

His M. Sc. thesis, "Techniques for Static and Dynamic Compilation
of Array Expressions", is up here:


As you can see he even beats Intel Fortran for some array layouts, and 
in general have comparable performance with it. The benchmarks are 
mostly for two-operand operations, i.e. operations where NumPy semantics 
would be OK.

IMO, if anybody ever wants to revamp NumPy's computation abilities and 
get that 2-3x speedup (e.g., make it multi-threaded), this is a very 
good place to start.


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