[Numpy-discussion] distutils: compiler used by add_library

Matyáš Novák logik at centrum.cz
Wed Aug 29 06:20:19 EDT 2012

I wrote extension some numerical extension for python, that requires 
and linking additional fortran sources. I find out, that these libraries 
can be easily added
using config.add_library() function, but there is a problem.
The --fcompiler command doesn't propagate to the stage where the 
libraries are compiled,
so the default (and in my case wrong) compiler is used.  (If I try 
compile the files using
add_extension method, they are compiled by desired compiler, but I need 
combine more
sources in one extension so I think that I can't use add_extension).
Is there any way how to force python to use the right compiler, or at 
least hardcode the
compiler in the setup.py?

Thanks a lot for suggestions,

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