[Numpy-discussion] www.numpy.org home page

klo klonuo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 01:23:08 EST 2012

On Thu, 13 Dec 2012 17:35:01 +0100, Travis Oliphant <teoliphant at gmail.com>  

> The NumPy home page can still be edited in this repository:   
> git at github.com:numpy/numpy.org.git.   Pull requests are always welcome  
> --- especially pull requests that improve the look and feel of the  
> web-page.


let me comment on it.

1. Page uses too intense color. Choosing color is sensitive question, but  
any reasonable suggestion should be better then current one

2. Numpy logo is of low quality:  
http://www.numpy.org/_static/numpy_logo.png and icon it's cropped  

3. Links icons look messy as they look like patched from different themes  
- there are scipy shiny icons and then scipy matte icon and then RSS icon  
which links to blog. IMHO no one uses shiny icons anymore, and I don't  
know if these icons should have large scipy logo with thematic overlay as  
is. I'd suggest flat and informative icons if link icons are wanted

4. Favicon could be changed

5. Screenshot(s) could be added, but this is easier to say that suggest  
one. Maybe shots representing each numpy selected feature, and/or perhaps  
side links to Packt, as mentioned in your email, or similar, can add some  
dynamics in page look

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