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> On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 5:35 PM, Travis Oliphant <teoliphant at gmail.com>wrote:
>> For people interested in the www.numpy.org home page:
>> Jon Turner has officially transferred the www.numpy.org domain to
>> NumFOCUS.      Thank you, Jon for this donation and for being a care-taker
>> of the domain-name.   We have setup the domain registration to point to
>> numpy.github.com and I've changed the CNAME in that repostiory to
>> www.numpy.org
>> I've sent an email to have the numpy.scipy.org page to redirect to
>> www.numpy.org.
>> The NumPy home page can still be edited in this repository:
>>  git at github.com:numpy/numpy.org.git.   Pull requests are always welcome
>> --- especially pull requests that improve the look and feel of the web-page.
>> Two of the content changes that we need to make a decision about is
>>         1) whether or not to put links to books published (Packt
>> publishing for example has offered a higher percentage of their revenues if
>> we put a prominent link on www.numpy.org)
> I'm +1 on showing links to books in a sidebar on the main page and/or on
> the documentation page, provided that (a) someone in this community can
> vouch for the quality of the book, and (b) we accept links for all books
> that are relevant and of sufficient quality.

Does anyone have an informed opinion on the quality of these books:

"NumPy 1.5 Beginner's Guide", Ivan Idris,

"NumPy Cookbook", Ivan Idris,

"Python for Data Analysis", Wes McKinney,

"SciPy and NumPy", Eli Bressert,

The first 5 books at

Are there any more I missed?


>         2) whether or not to accept "Sponsored by" links on the home page
>> for donations to the project (e.g. Continuum Analytics has sponsored Ondrej
>> release management, other companies have sponsored pull requests, other
>> companies may want to provide donations and we would want to recognize
>> their contributions to the numpy project).
> +1 for putting this on the main page. Something like the Support section
> on the IPython main page would be good. It lists specifically what the
> support was for.
>> These decisions should be made by the NumPy community which in my mind
>> are interested people on this list.   Who is interested in this kind of
>> discussion?
>> We could have these discussions on this list or on the
>> numfocus at googlegroups.com list and keep this list completely technical
>> (which I prefer, but I will do whatever the consensus is).
> I'd prefer things that are cross-project to move to the numfocus list, but
> things that are specifically about NumPy (which numpy.org content is) to
> stay on this list.
> Ralf
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