[Numpy-discussion] NaN (Not a Number) occurs in calculation of complex number for Bessel functions

Happyman bahtiyor_zohidov at mail.ru
Fri Dec 21 08:30:20 EST 2012

 I have everything in C or Fortran...According to my friends recommendations I started learning Python for my research...

Do you mean the functions which gave Nan result has not been developed properly yet in Python, Don't you????

For about 1.5 months I have been facing the same problem for Bessel functions.. I think the code that I showed like an example is not working in Python.
What to do ???

Пятница, 21 декабря 2012, 13:17  от Pauli Virtanen <pav at iki.fi>:
>Happyman <bahtiyor_zohidov <at> mail.ru> writes:
>> Thanks Pauli But I have already very shortly built  for bessel
>> function, but the code you gave me is in Fortran.. I also used
>> f2py but I could not manage to read fortran codes..that is why
>> I have asked in Python what is wrong??
>That Fortran code is `sph_jn`, which you used. It works using f2py.
>Only some of the special functions in scipy.special are written
>using Python as the language. Most of them are in C or in Fortran,
>using some existing special function library not written by us.
>Some of the implementations provided by these libraries are not
>complete, and do not cover the whole complex plane (or the real axis). 
>Other functions (the more common ones), however, have very good
>Pauli Virtanen
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