[Numpy-discussion] 3D array problem in Python

Happyman bahtiyor_zohidov at mail.ru
Sun Dec 30 06:41:26 EST 2012


I have 3 dimensional array  which I want  to calculate in a huge process. Everything is working well if I use ordinary way which is unsuitable in Python like the following:


for k in range(0,nums):
          for i in range(0,rows):
                     for j in range(0,cols):
                                      if float ( R[ k ] [ i ] [ j ] ) == 0.0:
                                                 val11 [ i ] =0.0
                                                 val11[ i ] [ j ], val22[ i ][ j ] = integrate.quad( lambda x :  F1(x)*F2(x) , 0 , pi)

But, this calculation takes so long time, let's say about  1 hour (theoretically)... Is there any better way to easily and fast calculate the process such as [ F( i ) for i in xlist ] or something like that rather than using for loop?
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