[Numpy-discussion] 3D array problem in Python

Fabrice Silva silva at lma.cnrs-mrs.fr
Sun Dec 30 09:11:22 EST 2012

Le dimanche 30 décembre 2012 à 16:47 +0400, Happyman a écrit :
>  Actually
> These two functions namely F1 and F2 are really exponential and Bessel functions respectively. But I can not change its analytic form..
> I mean is there way to get more quickly the result?
> Let's say above mentioned two functions, both of them, one function but the dimension I showed should not be changed..
> What do you think here whether the problem is with 3 dimension or....???
> Thanks in advance for your answer!

The question was: does F1 and F2 change depending on i,j or k ? The
answer seems to be yes. 
I don't think any improvement with vectorisation is possible while using
integrate.quad or similar. This function does adaptative meshing of the
integration interval. Singular points and/or discontinuities may arise
at different points for the several integrands, so that vectorisation
would even slow the computation!
Maybe you may have a look at romberg's method, which support

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