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On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 6:43 AM, Jaidev Deshpande <
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> Hi Chris
> > Documentation is specificsly excluded from GSoC (at least it was a
> > couple years ago when I last was involved)
> Documentation wasn't excluded last year from GSoC, there were quite a
> few projects that required a lot of documentation.
> But yes, there was no "documentation only" project.
> Anyhow, it seems reasonable that testing alone can't be a project.
> What about benchmarking and the related statistics? Does that qualify
> as a worthwhile project (again, GSoC or otherwise)?
> That's certainly worth doing, and doing well. You could start with
investigating what Wes has done with vbench so far, and look at how to get
the output of that into http://speed.pypy.org/.

I have the feeling it's not enough work for a GSoC project though, and with
a project like starting scikits.signal you'd have a better chance.

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