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>> Hi All,
>> I thought I'd raise this topic just to get some ideas out there. At the
>> moment I see two areas that I'd like to see addressed.
>>    1. Documentation editor. This would involve looking at the generated
>>    documentation and it's organization/coverage as well such things as style
>>    and maybe reviewing stuff on the documentation site. This would be more
>>    technical writing than coding.
>>    2. Test coverage. There are a lot of areas of numpy that are not well
>>    tested as well as some tests that are still doc tests and should probably
>>    be updated. This is a substantial amount of work and would require some
>>    familiarity with numpy as well as a willingness to ping developers for
>>    clarification of some topics.
>> Thoughts?
> First thought: very useful, but probably not GSOC topics by themselves.
> For a very good student, I'd think topics like implementing NA bit masks
> or improved user-defined dtypes would be interesting. In SciPy there's also
> a lot to do, and that's probably a better project for students who prefer
> to work in Python.
Besides NA bit masks, the new iterator isn't used in a lot of places it
could be. Maybe replacing all uses of the old iterator? I'll admit, that
smacks more of maintenance than developing new code and might be a hard

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