[Numpy-discussion] Download page still points to SVN

Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Thu Jan 19 12:57:40 EST 2012

19.01.2012 18:21, Travis Oliphant kirjoitti:
> I think the problem here is one of delegation and information. 
> I'm not even sure how the web-pages get updated at this point.
> Does anyone on this list know? I think it would be a great idea
> to move to github pages for the NumPy project at least.

The main scipy.org web page is the wiki. I'm not sure who apart from
Enthought's IT staff has access to the machine running it.

The pages at numpy.scipy.org and new.scipy.org are hosted on
new.scipy.org as static files -- they're just generated by sphinx and
uploaded manually. In addition to that, the machine also runs the Trac,
the doc editor, and the conference.scipy.org and docs.scipy.org
websites. A couple of people (including at least me and Jarrod +
Enthought IT staff) have access to that machine.

Moving the stuff at numpy.scipy.org to Github pages would make sense, as
those are only static files.

IMO, the stuff at new.scipy.org should be taken down --- the idea was to
revise the scipy.org front page during Scipy '09 conference, and make it
rely less on the wiki, but the work was not finished. I think I don't
have the necessary unix permissions to put the site down or edit it,


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