[Numpy-discussion] need advice on installing NumPy onto a Windows 7 with Python2.7 (32-bit)

William McLendon wcmclen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 00:09:09 EST 2012


I am trying to install NumPy (using  numpy-1.6.1-win32-superpack-python2.7)
on a Windows 7 machine that has 32-bit Python 2.7 installed on it using the
latest installer (python-2.7.2.msi).  Python is installed into the default
location, C:\Python27, and as far as I can tell the registry knows about it
-- or at least the windows uninstaller in the control panel does...

The installation fails because the NumPy installer cannot find the Python
installation.  I am then prompted with a screen that should allow me to
type in the location of my python installation, but the text-boxes where I
should type this do not allow input so I'm kind of stuck.

I did look into trying to build from source, but I don't have a C compiler
on this system so setup.py died a horrible death.  I'd prefer to avoid
having to install Visual C++ Express on this system.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might be helpful?

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