[Numpy-discussion] Error when multiplying large sparse matrices

Pauli Virtanen pav at iki.fi
Fri Jun 1 15:40:53 EDT 2012

01.06.2012 20:45, Jeremy Lecoeur kirjoitti:
> I have been using the sparse matrix tools for a while to do all sort of 
> things and, using the same code that was working just fine, I now 
> encounter a problem when trying . I do have very large sparse matrices 
> and when i multiplying them the number of non zeros exceed the max value 
> of an intc, which cause indptr to hold negative values. Hence in the 
> multiplication function of csr, whenc reating the resulting matrix, i 
> get an error as it is not possible to have a negative value for a matrix 
> size.
> Am I missing something that would allow me to do that computation ?

Using a larger integer type for the indices is not supported in Scipy at
the moment. It's possible to implement, but needs someone to still do a
bit of work:


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