[Numpy-discussion] Migrating numpy Trac to github issues

Thouis (Ray) Jones thouis at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 10:11:53 EDT 2012

I've volunteered to help manage the migration of numpy tickets from
Trac to github issues.  The first part of this process is to decide
which tickets to migrate, and how to map Trac ticket data to github
issue data.

Question 1: Which tickets should be migrated?  Open?  Open and
recently closed?  All tickets?

Question 2: Which parts of the tickets should be included, and in what way?

For reference, these are the parts of a ticket (from

Type (e.g., defect, enhancementt).
Assigned to/Owner
Resolution (fixed, invalid, wontfix, duplicate, worksforme, others?)
Status (e.g., new, needs_review, etc.)
Summary (brief description)
Description (full description)
Attachments (not listed on the link above, but enabled for numpy Trac)
??? (Other) — I don't have access to the Trac configuration, so it's
not clear if there are other fields I may be missing.

As an initial suggestion, I propose:

Reporter - yes, mapping Trac users to github users where possible.
Type - yes, using github issues labels
Component - yes, using labels
Version - probably yes, using labels
Keywords - Yes, as a line in the github issue comments
Priority - yes, using labels
Milestone - yes, using github milestones
Assigned to/Owner - yes, mapping to github users
Cc - Yes, for github users we can map to, using @username
Resolution - Only if tickets other than "open" are migrated, and as
part of the issue comments
Status - Yes, using labels
Summary - Yes, as the github issue title
Description - Yes, as the github issue body
Comments - Yes, as github issue comments
Attachments - Yes, linked in an issue comment

Note that the Trac database will be available for some time, and every
migrated ticket will include a link to the original.  If the Trac
database is ever disabled, these links could be migrated to a static
copy of the site.

At some point, there may be a new location for ticket attachments,
requiring changing links in some github issues.  That's a separate
issue from this discussion.

Trac allows WikiFormatting, while github has a more limited markup
language.  As much translation as is possible will be performed within
comments (code blocks, at an absolute minimum).

Tickets will be migrated to a test repository before being moved to
the numpy github repo, and there will be ample time to review the
result before proceeding beyond that step.

Ray Jones

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