[Numpy-discussion] [ANN} OpenOpt / FuncDesigner release 0.39

Dmitrey tmp50 at ukr.net
Fri Jun 15 05:52:58 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I'm glad to inform you about new OpenOpt Suite release 0.39
interalg: add categorical variables and general logical constraints, many
other improvements
Some improvements for automatic differentiation
DerApproximator and some OpenOpt / FuncDesigner functionality now works
with PyPy
New solver lsmr for dense / sparse LLSP
oovar constructors now can handle parameters lb and ub, e.g. a =
oovar('a', lb=-1, ub=[1,2,3]) (this oovar should have size 3) or x =
oovars(10, lb=-1, ub=1)
New FuncDesigner function hstack, similar syntax to numpy.hstack, e.g. f
= hstack((a,b,c,d))
Some bugfixes

I have some progress toward solving in FuncDesigner linear DAE
(differential algebraic equations, example) and Stochastic Opimization (example),
but this is too premature yet to be released, there is 60-70% probability
it will be properly implemented in next OpenOpt release.

In our website you could vote for most required OpenOpt Suite development


Regards, D.

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