[Numpy-discussion] PyArray_MapIter{Reset, Next, New, Bind} not exposed?

John Salvatier jsalvati at u.washington.edu
Wed Jun 20 16:26:03 EDT 2012


I wanted to create a function that visits elements in an array using the
same rules as advanced indexing (with integer and boolean arrays) but does
addition instead of assignment (discussed more here

I looked at the code for advanced indexing and tried to copy that, but it
uses PyArrayMapIterObject and the functions for using that
object (PyArray_MapIterReset, and the equivalent Next,New and Bind
functions as well as _swap_axes) are not exposed by the C API as far as I
can tell. Is that on purpose? Is there an easy way to gain access to these
functions? Should I give up on this approach?

(The function I was trying to build is index_inc in here (

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