[Numpy-discussion] frompyfunc question

Larsen, Brian A balarsen at lanl.gov
Wed Jun 20 16:32:14 EDT 2012

Hello all,

I was looking to wrap hasattr in a numpy ufunc and got some weird behavior.

Here is a transcript:
In [5]: import numpy as np
In [6]: np.__version__
Out[6]: '1.6.2'
In [7]: b = [1,2,3]
In [7]: nphas = np.frompyfunc(hasattr, 2, 1)
In [8]: hasattr(b, 'extend')
Out[8]: True
In [9]: nphas(b, 'extend')
Out[9]: NotImplemented
In [10]: nphas(b, ['extend']*2)
Out[10]: NotImplemented
In [11]: type(nphas(b, ['extend']*2))
Out[11]: NotImplementedType

This isn't an exception but an object returned, what what or why is not implemented?

What I really want to do is be able to run hasattr like isinstance is run, isinstance(b, (list, str))

Anyone have any thoughts/advice here?




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