[Numpy-discussion] NumPy 1.7 release plans

Travis Oliphant travis at continuum.io
Wed Jun 27 01:08:14 EDT 2012

In my enthusiasm of finding someone to help with the release of NumPy 1.7 and my desire to get something released by the SciPy conference, I was hasty and didn't gather enough feedback from others about the release of NumPy 1.7.  I'm sorry about that. 

I would like to get NumPy 1.7 out the door as quickly as we can *and* make sure it is as well tested as we can --- in fact I'm hoping we can also use this opportunity to setup a Continuous Integration system for NumPy that will essentially extend NumPy's testing infrastructure and make it easier to do releases in the future.    Ondrej, the author of SymPy, has agreed to help on the both the release and the Continuous Integration side.   Ideally we would also start producing a code coverage report and a vbench report for NumPy as well.   This is much more likely to happen if there are other people willing to pictch in  

(By the way, one of the goals of NumFOCUS is to provide Continuous Integration and code coverage resources to all of the Scientific Python projects as funds and community resources become available --- please email numfocus at googlegroups.com if you are interested in helping with that effort).   

So, I would propose a code-freeze by July 13th with a beta release of NumPy 1.7 by July 17th.    We will work to get that beta release actively tested by as many projects as possible, leading to a release candidate by July 31.     If all goes well I could imagine a release by August 14.   If we need to make another release candidate, then we can do that August 14th and push the release to August 28th. 

Let me know if there are any concerns about this updated schedule. 

Best regards,



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