[Numpy-discussion] Meta: help, devel and stackoverflow

srean srean.list at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 00:38:09 EDT 2012

Hi List,

 this has been brought up several times, and the response has been
generally positive but it has fallen through the cracks. So here are a
few repeat requests. Am keeping it terse just for brevity

i) Split the list into [devel] and [help] and as was mentioned
recently [rant/flame]:

   some request for help get drowned out during active development
related discussions and simple help requests pollutes more urgent
development related matters.

ii) Stackoverflow like site for help as well as for proposals.

    The silent majority has been referred to a few times recently. I
suspect there does exist many lurkers on the list who do prefer one
discussed solution over the other but for various reasons do not break
out of their lurk mode to send a mail saying "I prefer this solution".
Such an interface will also help in keeping track of the level of
support as compared to mails that are larges hunks of quoted text with
a line or two stating ones preference or seconding a proposal.

One thing I have learned from traffic accidents is that if one asks
for a help of the assembled crowd, no one knows how to respond. On the
other hand if you say "hey there in a blue shirt could you get some
water"  you get instant results. So pardon me for taking the
presumptuous liberty to request Travis to please set it up or

Splitting the lists shouldn't be hard work, setting up overflow might
be more work in comparison.

-- srean

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