[Numpy-discussion] Meta: help, devel and stackoverflow

srean srean.list at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 18:06:12 EDT 2012

> And I continue to think it sends the wrong message.

Maybe if you articulate your fears I will be able to appreciate your
point of view more.

> My impression is that, at the moment, we numpy-ers are trying to work
> out what kind of community we are. Are we a developer community, or
> are we some developers who are users of a library that we rely on, but
> do not contribute to?

I think it is fair to extrapolate that all of us would want the numpy
community to grow. If that be so at some point not all of the users
will be developers. Apart from ones own pet projects, all successful
projects have more users than active developers.

 What I like about having two lists is that on one hand it does not
prevent me or you from participating in both, on the other hand it
allows those who dont want to delve too deeply in one aspect or the
other, the option of a cleaner inbox, or the option of having separate
inboxes. I for instance would like to be in both the lists, perhaps
mostly as a lurker, but still would want to have two different folders
just for better organization.

To me this seems a win win. There is also a chance that more lurkers
would speak up on the help list than here and I think that is a good


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