[Numpy-discussion] Meta: help, devel and stackoverflow

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 20:29:23 EDT 2012


On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 5:13 PM, srean <srean.list at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm not on the python mailing lists, but my impression is that python
>> is in a different space from numpy.  I mean, I have the impression
> Indeed one could seek out philosphical differences between different
> projects. No two projects are the same but they can and often do have
> common issues. About the issues that Fernando mentioned I can say that
> they are real, they do apply and this I say from a from the experience
> of being on the numpy mailing list.
> I think that many silent numpy users will thank the creation of a low
> barrier, low noise (noise is context sensitive) forum where they can
> ask for help with what they feel are simple questions with easy
> answers.
> I still do not have a tangible grasp of what your fears are. It seems
> you are unhappy that this will split the community. It wont, its just
> two lists for the same community where mails have been sorted into
> different folders.
> It also seems the notion of developers and users is disagreeable to
> you and you are philosophically hesitant about accepting/recognizing
> that such a difference exists. I may be wrong, I do not intend to
> speak for you, I am only trying to understand your objections.

Did you read the blog post that Fernando sent the link for?  Now I
read it, it captures the idea I was trying to get at rather well.

> First let me assure you they are labels on (temporary) roles not on a
> person (if that is what is making you uncomfortable). Different people
> occupy different states for different amounts of time.
>  A question about how to run length decode an array of integers is
> very different from a question on which files to touch to add
> reduceat( ) support to the numexpression engine and how.
> It would be strange to take the position that there is no difference
> between the nature of these questions. Or to take the position that
> the person who is interest in the former is also keen to learn about
> the former (note: some would be, example: yours sincerely. I know the
> former ot the latter ) or at the least keen on receiving mails on
> extended discussion on the topic of lesser interest.
>  It seems to me, that sorting these mails into different bins only
> improves the contextual signal to noise ratio, which the recipient can
> use as he/she feels fit. The only issue is if there will be enough
> volume for each of these bins. My perception is yes but this can
> certainly be revisited.  In anycase it does not prevent nor hinder any
> activity, but allows flexible organization of content should one want
> it.
>> So, it may not make sense to think in terms of a model that works for Python, or even, IPython.
> I do not want to read too much into this, but this I do find kind of
> odd and confusing:  to proactively solicit input from other related
> projects but then say that do do not apply once the views expressed
> werent in total agreement.

Well - I'm sure you feel the same way - I often find myself wanting to
hear of people's experience in order to be able to think more clearly.
 In this case I wasn't expecting Fernando to agree with me, but to
give his thoughts and experience.  That in turn modified how I was
thinking about the problem, and hence my response.

Please - don't worry - I don't think the sky will fall if there is a
separate user list, and nor do I think it much matters what I think
about the matter.  I'm only trying to shorten the bad period we're
going through by helping to concentrate on the problem in hand.



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