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Dag Sverre Seljebotn d.s.seljebotn at astro.uio.no
Sat Jun 30 04:35:20 EDT 2012

+1 on scicomp.stackexchange.com

For it to work, one would need to actively push users towards it though...so it would require a very clear pronouncement.

Matthew: I'm happy with the split we did with Cython. It leaves me free to mostly ignore cython-users, and it saves users from thos 100+ post threads about inner workings. (I've had Cython users tell me several times that it is better that devs make Cython better than spend time helping newbies -- I feel helping out newbies is something advanced users can do too).

I don't agree with your implication that the organization of mailing lists has much to do with governance. The mailing list split is a split of topics of discussion, not of the subscribers; anyone is welcome to post on cython-dev (e.g., ideas for new features or hashing out wanted semantics).

However, a stackexchange-like solution may be a better fit than a users list. The. ask.scipy beta wasn't used much but it wasn't really promoted and users weren't pushed towards it.

One advantage is pooling topics together; many new users may be unsure whether numpy or scipy or matplotlib or ipython or cython is the place to ask. There are 'inter-disiplinery' questions; currently numpy-discussion seems to catch some of that too, not just pure numpy.

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Aron Ahmadia <aron at ahmadia.net> wrote:

As I mentioned before, numpy-related questions would be welcome on scicomp, and this would have the advantage of bringing in scientists and mathematicians from related fields who might be able to answer numerical questions that sit between mathematics, programming, and science that you might not otherwise.  There's already somewhat of a critical mass of people hanging out at scicomp (500 unique visitors a day during the work week), and you can subscribe to the python-related tags if you want to filter out the other sorts of questions.


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