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> just some statistics
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/numpy
> 769 followers, 2,850  questions tagged
> a guess: average response time for regular usage question far less than an
> hour
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/scipy
> 446 followers, 991questions tagged
Yes they are frequently very quick and pinpoint.

To provide yet another data point, I will mention that I used to be an avid
follower of comp.text.tex.  I would post questions there and also read it
for knowledge.  Now, I use http://tex.stackexchange.com/ almost
exclusively.  I know many others have done the same.  I've also noticed a
number of LaTeX gurus using the stackexchange site more and more.  Try
googling a LaTeX (esp TikZ) question.  Would you rather read through an
archived newsgroup (mailing list in NumPy's case) or have a webpage with
useful features, embedded images, etc?

jdh noticed this as well: the majority of the messages to numpy-discussion
in the last 2 months have not been "usage" questions but decisions,
releases, debates, etc.  Personally, I would push for the stackexchange
solution over a 'user' mailing list.  That said, comp.text.tex and
tex.stackexchange.com coexist just fine---it just means there is redudnancy
and not the good kind IMO.
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