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> Anecdotal data-point:
> I have been  happy with SO in general. It works for certain types of
> queries very well. OTOH if the answer to the question is known only to
> a few and he/she does not happen to be online at  time the question
> was posted, and he/she does not "pull" such possible questions by
> key-words, that question is all but history.
> The difference is that on a mailing list questions are "pushed" on to
> people who might be able to answer it, whereas in SO model people have
> to actively seek questions they want to answer. Unanticipated, niche
> questions tend to disappear.

Isn't that what the various sections are for?



And then, if you want modification-by-modification updates:


Entries are sorted by date and you can view as many pages worth as are
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