[Numpy-discussion] Meta: help, devel and stackoverflow

srean srean.list at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 19:25:30 EDT 2012

> You can subscribe to be notified by email whenever a question is posted
> to a certain tag.

Absolutely true.

>  So then it is no different than a mailing list as far
> as push/pull.

There are a few differences though. New tags get created often,
potentially in a decentralized fashion and dynamically, way more often
than creation of lists. Thats why the need to actively monitor.
Another is in frequency of subscription, how often does a user of SO
subscribe to a tag. Yet another is that tags are usually are much more
specific than a typical charter of a mailing list and thats a good
thing because it makes things easier to find nd browse.

I think if the tags are kept broad enough (or it is ensured that finer
tags inherit from broader tags. For example numpy.foo where foo can be
created according to the existing SO rules of tag creation ) and
participants here are willing to subscribe to those tags, there wont
be much of a difference. So, just two qualifiers.

In addition if there is a way to bounce-n-answer user questions
posted here to the SO forum relatively painlessy that will be quite
nice too. May be something that creates a new user based on user's
mail id, mails him/her the response and a password with which he/she
can take control of the id. It is more polite and may be a good way
for the SO site to collect more users.


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