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Travis Oliphant travis at continuum.io
Tue May 1 00:14:18 EDT 2012

> The same is true of SciPy.    I think if SciPy also migrates to use Github issues, then together with IPython we can really be a voice that helps Github.   I will propose to NumFOCUS that the Foundation sponsor migration of the Trac to Github for NumPy and SciPy.    If anyone would like to be involved in this migration project, please let me know.
> There is a group where I work that purchased the enterprise version of github. But they still use trac. I think Ralf's opinion should count for a fair amount here, since the tracker is important for releases and backports. Having a good connection between commits and tickets is also very helpful, although sticking with github might be better there. The issue tracker isn't really intended as social media and I find the notifications from trac sufficient.
> Chuck 

I think Ralf and your opinion on this is *huge*.      It seems that Issue tracking is at the heart of "social media" activity, though, because you need people to submit issues and you need people to respond to those issues in a timely way.    And it is ideal if the dialogue that might ensue pursuant to that activity is discoverable via search and linking. 

But the issue tracking problem really is dividable into separate work flows: 
	1) The submission of the issue (here things like ease-of-entry and attaching files is critical)
	2) The dialogue around the issue (developer comments on it and any discussion that ensues)
	3) Developer management of issues

Now, it is also true that these three things don't have to all intersect.   It is very possible to have different systems manage different parts.    What I find less than optimal these days is having github as the web-site for pull requests and discussions around them and a poorly-performing trac for issue tracking and milestone management and a few wiki pages. 

Can we at least agree to have all the wiki pages and web-site managed by github?     For issue tracking,  I'm very anxious for your and Ralf's opinion because of the effort you have spent using Trac over the years.    

Another developer I asked at LLNL, just said "why don't you use bugzilla"?   


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