[Numpy-discussion] Is NumpyDotNet (aka numpy-refactor) likely to be merged into the mainline?

Seth Nickell snickell at gmail.com
Tue May 1 15:24:58 EDT 2012

With a little work, I think numpy/scipy could be very useful to those
of us who have to program on .NET for one reason or another, but
64-bit is currently not supported (at least, not as released).

I'm considering working out 64-bit support, but it appears to me like
the numpy-refactor repository isn't on a path to merging with the
mainline, and is likely to bit-rot (if it hasn't already). Is anyone
working on this, or is NumpyDotNet 'resting' at the moment, so to
speak? Its sort of pointless to work on a dead-end branch ;-)


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