[Numpy-discussion] Quaternion data type

Travis Oliphant travis at continuum.io
Sat May 5 16:29:42 EDT 2012

> Would you be interested in carrying Martin's package forward? I'm not opposed to having quaternions in numpy/scipy but there needs to be someone to push it and deal with problems if they come up. Martin's package disappeared in large part because Martin disappeared. I'd also like to hear from Mark about other aspects, as there was also a simple rational user type proposed that we were looking to put in as an extension 'test' type. IIRC, there were some needed fixes to Numpy, some of which were postponed in favor of larger changes. User types is one of the things we want ot get fixed up.
> I kind of like the idea of there being a package, separate from numpy, which collects these dtypes together. To start, the quaternion and the rational type could go in it, and eventually I think it would be nice to move datetime64 there as well. Maybe it could be called numpy-dtypes, or would a more creative name be better?

A extended dtype package would be a very good idea, and a great place for quaternions.   But, I agree with Chuck that datetime64 is too fundamental to be pushed to a separate package. 


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