[Numpy-discussion] Missing data wrap-up and request for comments

Travis Oliphant travis at continuum.io
Wed May 9 15:37:37 EDT 2012

> Mark will you give more details about this proposal?    How would the flag work, what would it modify?
> The idea is inspired in part by the Chrome release cycle, which has a presentation here:
> https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dg63dpc6_4d7vkk6ch&pli=1
> Some quotes:
> Features should be engineered so that they can be disabled easily (1 patch)
> and
> Would large feature development still be possible?
> "Yes, engineers would have to work behind flags, however they can work for as many releases as they need to and can remove the flag when they are done."
> The current numpy codebase isn't designed for this kind of workflow, but I think we can productively emulate the idea for a big feature like NA support.
> One way to do this flag would be to have a "numpy.experimental" namespace which is not imported by default. To enable the NA-mask feature, you could do:
> >>> import numpy.experimental.maskna
> This would trigger an ExperimentalWarning to message that an experimental feature has been enabled, and would add any NA-specific symbols to the numpy namespace (NA, NAType, etc). Without this import, any operation which would create an NA or NA-masked array raises an ExperimentalError instead of succeeding. After this import, things would behave as they do now.

How would this flag work at the C-API level? 


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