[Numpy-discussion] Masked Array for NumPy 1.7

Travis Oliphant travis at continuum.io
Sun May 20 00:50:03 EDT 2012

>> My own plan for the near term would be as follows:
>> 1) Put in the experimental option and get the 1.7 release out. This gets us
>> through the next couple of months and keeps things moving.
> +1 on not blocking the release while we invent+implement yet another
> experimental API.

Nobody has suggested inventing or implementing yet another anything.     All I want to do is separate out the ndmasked array as a separate object and leave the ndarray object alone.   

>> 2) Look at what hooks/low level functions would let us reimplement np.ma.
>> Because there are so many different mask uses out there, this would be a
>> good way to discover what low level support is likely to provide a good
>> basis for others to build on.
>> 3) Revisit the idea of making all ndarrays masked by default, but do so with
>> the experience and feedback from current mask users.
> I like this plan.

I think points 2 and 3 are fine as long as the 1.7 release does not have masked array notions attached to all ndarray objects.


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