[Numpy-discussion] Named dtype array: Difference between a[0]['name'] and a['name'][0]?

bmu diehose at freenet.de
Sun May 20 07:45:03 EDT 2012

I came acroos a question on stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/q/9470604) 
and I am wondering if this is a bug

import numpy as np
dt = np.dtype([('tuple', (int, 2))])
a = np.zeros(3, dt)
type(a['tuple'][0])  # ndarray
type(a[0]['tuple'])  # ndarray

a['tuple'][0] = (1,2)  # ok
a[0]['tuple'] = (1,2)  # ValueError: shape-mismatch on array construction

Could somebody explain this behaviour (either in this mailing list or on 

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