[Numpy-discussion] Internationalization of numpy/scipy docstrings...

Tim Cera tim at cerazone.net
Sun May 20 17:59:54 EDT 2012

> Are you thinking only about documentation in .rst files (like the
> tutorials), or also the docstrings themselves? The former may be feasible,
> the latter I think will be difficult.
Everything.  Within the documentation editor the RST docstrings are parsed
from the functions, so instead of only storing them in the database for
Django/doceditor to work with, can save them to *.rst files.

I don't know how integrated we could/would make the documentation
editor/sphinx/pootle combination, so I think the easiest would be
integration through files.  Your question points out a detail (and some
small refinements) that I should have put in the outline from my first

  0.5. As the pydocweb editor works on docstrings, up-to-date RST files
         are also saved to the file system, and triggers...

  1. The new gettext builder to convert *.rst to *.pot files.

  1.5. (OPTIONAL) Can make a preliminary, automatic translation.  Pootle

        currently supports Google Translate (now costs $) or Apertium.

  2. Translators would use pootle to edit the *.pot files to *.po files

  2.5. Use mgsfmt to create *.mo files

  3. From here can choose either:

      a. Use sphinx-build to create new,

         translated *.rst files from the *.mo files.

         (my favorite since we would have *.rst files)

      b. OR use gettext in Python to translate docstring

         on-the-fly from the *.mo files.

At this point we would need to have an environment variable or other
configuration mechanism to set the desired locale, which np.info would use
to find the correct directory/rst file.  Lets just say for sake of my
example that the configuration is handled by a np.locale function.


  # display English docstring as it currently does



  # display the French docstring

Reference links:

sphinx based translation





  (You have to get the development versions of translate and pootle to work
with Django 1.4.)

Kindest regards,

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