[Numpy-discussion] Should arr.diagonal() return a copy or a view? (1.7 compatibility issue)

Frédéric Bastien nouiz at nouiz.org
Wed May 23 13:40:13 EDT 2012

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 1:29 PM, Travis Oliphant <travis at continuum.io> wrote:
> Then are you suggesting that we need to back out the changes to the casting
> rules as well, because this will also cause code to stop working.   This is
> part of my point.   We are not being consistently cautious.

The casting change have already been release, or is there other change
that break the user interface in 1.7? I probably won't change again
the interface that was released except if there is good reason. I
don't remember the detail enough to suggest any direction on this.

I remember the past change on dtype that broke Theano. I consider this
an "error", but we all do them from time to time. I don't blame
anybody for this. We just changed Theano after understanding the numpy

I prefer that we try to be consistently cautious then to tell we
didn't always do it in the past so we won't try now. Also, I would
find better to voluntarily break this "consistently cautious"
guideline if it is well documented and advertised if needed then to
don't try to be "consistently cautious".


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