[Numpy-discussion] Some numpy funcs for PyPy

Dmitrey tmp50 at ukr.net
Thu May 24 07:32:29 EDT 2012

hi all,
maybe you're aware of numpypy - numpy port for pypy (pypy.org) - Python
language implementation with dynamic compilation.

Unfortunately, numpypy developmnent is very slow due to strict quality
standards and some other issues, so for my purposes I have provided some
missing numpypy funcs, in particular

* atleast_1d, atleast_2d, hstack, vstack, cumsum, isscalar, asscalar,
asfarray, flatnonzero, tile, zeros_like, ones_like, empty_like,
where, searchsorted

* with "axis" parameter: nan(arg)min, nan(arg)max, all, any

and have got some OpenOpt / FuncDesigner functionality working faster
than in CPython.

File with this functions you can get here

Also you may be interested in some info at http://openopt.org/PyPy
Regards, Dmitrey.
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