[Numpy-discussion] Some numpy funcs for PyPy

Peter numpy-discussion at maubp.freeserve.co.uk
Thu May 24 08:19:23 EDT 2012

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 12:32 PM, Dmitrey <tmp50 at ukr.net> wrote:
> hi all,
> maybe you're aware of numpypy - numpy port for pypy (pypy.org) - Python
> language implementation with dynamic compilation.
> Unfortunately, numpypy developmnent is very slow due to strict quality
> standards and some other issues, so for my purposes I have provided some
> missing numpypy funcs, in particular
> atleast_1d, atleast_2d, hstack, vstack, cumsum, isscalar, asscalar,
> asfarray, flatnonzero, tile, zeros_like, ones_like, empty_like, where,
> searchsorted
> with "axis" parameter: nan(arg)min, nan(arg)max, all, any
> and have got some OpenOpt / FuncDesigner functionality working
> faster than in CPython.
> File with this functions you can get here
> Also you may be interested in some info at http://openopt.org/PyPy
> Regards, Dmitrey.

As a NumPy user interested in PyPy it is great to know more people
are trying to contribute in this area. I myself have only filed PyPy
bugs about missing NumPy features rendering the initial numpypy
support useless to me.

On your website you wrote:

>> From my (Dmitrey) point of view numpypy development is
>> very unfriendly for newcomers - PyPy developers say "provide
>> code, preferably in interpreter level instead of AppLevel,
>> provide whole test coverage for all possible corner cases,
>> provide hg diff for code, and then, maybe, it will be committed".
>> Probably this is the reason why so insufficient number of
>> developers work on numpypy.

I assume that is paraphrased with a little hyperbole, but it
isn't so different from numpy (other than using git), or many
other open source projects. Unit tests are important, and
taking patches without them is risky.

I've been subscribed to the pypy-dev list for a while, but I
don't recall seeing you posting there. Have you tried to submit
any of your work to PyPy yet? Perhaps you should have
sent this message to pypy-dev instead?

(I am trying to be constructive, not critical.)



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