[Numpy-discussion] Some numpy funcs for PyPy

Dmitrey tmp50 at ukr.net
Thu May 24 09:07:25 EDT 2012


On your website you wrote:

>> From my (Dmitrey) point of view numpypy development is
>> very unfriendly for newcomers - PyPy developers say "provide
>> code, preferably in interpreter level instead of AppLevel,
>> provide whole test coverage for all possible corner cases,
>> provide hg diff for code, and then, maybe, it will be committed".
>> Probably this is the reason why so insufficient number of
>> developers work on numpypy.

I assume that is paraphrased with a little hyperbole, but it
isn't so different from numpy (other than using git), or many
other open source projects. 

Of course, many opensource projects do like that, but in the case of
numpypy IMHO the things are especially bad.


Unit tests are important, and
taking patches without them is risky.

Yes, but at first, things required from numpypy newcomers are TOO
complicated - and no guarrantee is provided, that elapsed efforts will
not be just a waste of time; at 2nd, the high-quality standards are
especially cynic when compared with their own code quality, e.g.
numpypy.all(True) doesn't work yet, despite it hangs in bug tracker for a
long time; a[a<0] = b[b<0] works incorrectly etc.
These are reasons that forced me to write some required for my purposes
missing funcs and some bug walkarounds (like for that one with
numpypy.all and any).


 I've been subscribed to the pypy-dev list for a while, 

I had been subsribed IIRC for a couple of months


but I
don't recall seeing you posting there.

I had made some, see my pypy activity here


 Have you tried to submit
any of your work to PyPy yet?

yes: I had spent lots of time for concatenate() (pypy developers said
noone works on it) - and finally they have committed code for this func
from other trunc. Things like this were with some other my proposed code
for PyPy and all those days spent for it.


 Perhaps you should have
sent this message to pypy-dev instead?

I had explained them my point of view in mail list and irc channel, their
answer was like "don't borther horses, why do you in a hurry? All will be
done during several months", but I see it (porting whole numpy)
definitely won't be done during the term. IIRC during ~ 2 months only ~10
new items were added to numpypy; also, lots of numpypy items, when
calling, e.g. searchsorted, just raise NotImplementedError: wainting for
interplevel routine, or don't work with high-dimensional arrays and/or
some other corner cases.

numpypy developers go (rather slowly) their own way, while I just propose
temporary alternative, till proper PyPy-numpy implementation

regards, D.
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