[Numpy-discussion] Scientific Software and Web Developer Needed in Seattle, WA

Chris Barker chris.barker at noaa.gov
Wed May 30 19:44:28 EDT 2012

Scientific Software and Web Developer Needed

NOAA Emergency Response Division

Help us develop our next-generation oil spill transport model.

The Emergency Response Division (ERD) of NOAA's Office of Response and
Restoration (OR&R) provides scientific expertise to support the
response to oil and chemical spills in the coastal environment. We
played a major role in the recent Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the
Gulf of Mexico.  In order to fulfill our mission, we develop many of
the software tools and models required to support a response to
hazardous material spills. We are currently in the middle of a program
to develop our next-generation oil spill transport model, taking into
account lessons learned from years of response and recent major

There are currently two positions available: one will focus on on the
computational code in C++, Pyhton and Cython, and the other on a new
web front end (Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript).

General Characteristics:
The incumbents in this position will provide software development
services to support the mission of the Emergency Response Division of
NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration. As part of his/her efforts,
independent evaluation and application of development techniques,
algorithms, software architecture, and programming patterns will be
required.  The incumbent will work with the staff of ERD to provide
analysis on user needs and software, GUI, and library design. He/she
will be expect to work primarily on site at NOAA's facility in

The incumbent must be able to apply modern concepts of software
engineering and design to the development of computational code, web
applications, and libraries. The incumbent will need to be able to
design, write, refactor, and implement code for a complex  web
application and/or computational library.  The incumbent will work
with a multi-disciplinary team including scientists, users, and other
developers, utilizing software development practices such as usability
design, version control, bug and issue tracking, and unit testing.
Good communication skills and the knowledge of working as part of a
team are required.

Direction received:
The incumbent will participate on various research and development
teams.  While endpoints will be identified through Division management
and some direct supervision will be provided, the incumbent will be
responsible for progressively being able to take input from team
meetings and design objectives and propose strategies for reaching

Typical duties and responsibilities:
The incumbent will work with the oil and chemical spill modeling team
to improve and develop new tools and models used in fate and transport
forecasting.  Different components of the project will be written in
C++, Python, and Javascript.

Education requirement, minimum:
Bachelor's degree in a technical discipline.

Experience requirement, minimum:
One to five years experience in development of complex software
systems in one or more full-featured programming languages (C, C++,
Java, Python, Javaascript, Ruby,  Fortran, etc.)

The team requires experience in the following languages/disciplines.
Each incumbent will need experience in some subset:

 * Computational/Scientific programming
 * Numerical Analysis/Methods
 * Parallel processing
 * Desktop GUI
 * Web services
 * Web clients: HTML/CSS/Javascript
 * Python
 * C/C++
 * Python--C/C++ integration
 * Software development team leadership

While the incumbent will work on-site at NOAA, directly with the NOAA
team, this is a contract position with General Dynamics Information


For more information and to apply, use the GDIT web site:

If that long url doesn't work, try:


and search for job ID:  199765

You can also send questions about employment issues to:

   Susan Bowley:  susan.bowley at gdit.com

And questions about the nature of the work to:

   Chris Barker: Chris.Barker at noaa.gov


Christopher Barker, Ph.D.

Emergency Response Division
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