[Numpy-discussion] numexpr question

Francesc Alted francesc at continuum.io
Thu Nov 8 10:17:23 EST 2012

On 11/8/12 1:37 PM, Neal Becker wrote:
> I'm interested in trying numexpr, but have a question (not sure where's the best
> forum to ask).
> The examples I see use
> ne.evaluate ("some string...")
> When used within a loop, I would expect the compilation from the string form to
> add significant overhead.  I would have thought a pre-compiled form would be
> available, similar to a precompiled regexp.  yes/no?

numexpr comes with an internal cache for recent expressions, so if 
ne.evaluate() is in a loop, the compiled expression will be re-used 
without problems.  So you don't have to worry about caching it yourself.

The best forum for discussing numexpr is this:


Francesc Alted

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