[Numpy-discussion] Numpy's policy for releasing memory

Francesc Alted francesc at continuum.io
Tue Nov 13 04:33:52 EST 2012

On 11/13/12 10:27 AM, Austin Bingham wrote:
> OK, if numpy is just subject to Python's behavior then what I'm seeing 
> must be due to the vagaries of Python. I've noticed that things like 
> removing a particular line of code or reordering seemingly unrelated 
> calls (unrelated to the memory issue, that is) can affect when memory 
> is reported as free. I'll just assume that everything is in order and 
> carry on. Thanks!

Profiling memory can be tricky because the operating system may not 
return memory *immediately* as requested, and it might mislead you in 
some situations.  So do not trust too much in memory profilers to be too 
exact and rather focus on the big picture (i.e. my app is reclaiming a 
lot of memory for a large amount o time?  if yes, then start worrying, 
but not before).

Francesc Alted

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