[Numpy-discussion] Building numpy with OpenBLAS using bento

George Nurser gnurser at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 14:52:46 EST 2012

I've tried to build numpy with OpenBLAS following on from the blog

I've cloned and installed an up to date version of bento from git.

Problem is that the bentomaker command doesn't seem to know about
the --with-blas-lapack-libdir option. The only place this option is defined
in the code seems to be in the blas_lapack.py routine .... but I can't see
how to use this routine -- it isn't imported into any other file.

(I've tried sending this smessage to the bento list, but it doesn't seem to
be appearing on it as far as I can see.)

Best regards, George Nurser
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