[Numpy-discussion] Conditional update of recarray field

Bartosz mail at telenczuk.pl
Wed Nov 28 10:15:52 EST 2012

I got it. Thanks! Now I see why this is non-trivial to fix it.

However, it might be also a source of very-hard-to-find bugs. It might 
be worth discussing this non-intuitive example in the documentation.



>> Thanks for answer, Francesc.
>> I understand now that fancy indexing returns a copy of a recarray. Is
>> it also true for standard ndarrays? If so, I do not understand why
>> X['a'][cond]=-1 should work.
> Yes, that's a good question.  No, in this case the boolean array `cond`
> is passed to the __setitem__() of the original view, so this is why this
> works.  The first idiom is concatenating the fancy indexing with another
> indexing operation, and NumPy needs to create a temporary for executing
> this, so the second indexing operation acts over a copy, not a view.
> And yes, fancy indexing returning a copy is standard for all ndarrays.
> Hope it is clearer now (although admittedly it is a bit strange at first
> sight),

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