[Numpy-discussion] [numpy] ENH: Initial implementation of a 'neighbor' calculation (#303)

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus at yale.edu
Sun Oct 14 20:24:19 EDT 2012

> On 10.10.2012 15:42, Nathaniel Smith wrote:
>> This PR submitted a few months ago adds a substantial new API to numpy,
>> so it'd be great to get more review. No-one's replied yet, though...
>> Any thoughts, anyone? Is it useful, could it be better...?
> Fast neighbor search is what scipy.spatial.cKDTree is designed for. 
> There is an brand new version in SciPy master.

It's not neighbor *search*, it's applying a function over an (arbitrary chosen and weighted) moving neighborhood in an nd array.

It would be useful for the author of the PR to post a detailed comparison of this functionality with scipy.ndimage.generic_filter, which appears to have very similar functionality.



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