[Numpy-discussion] ANN: NumPy 1.7.0b2 release

Ondřej Čertík ondrej.certik at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 02:24:07 EDT 2012


I'm pleased to announce the availability of the second beta release of
NumPy 1.7.0b2.

Sources and binary installers can be found at

Please test this release and report any issues on the numpy-discussion
mailing list. Since beta1, we've fixed most of the known (back then)
issues, except:


And many other issues that were reported since the beta1 release. The
log of changes is attached. The full list of issues that we still need
to work on is at:


Any help is welcome, the best is to send a PR fixing any of the issues
-- against master, and I'll then back-port it to the release branch
(unless it is something release specific, in which case just send the
PR against the release branch).


* f217517 Release 1.7.0b2
* 50f71cb MAINT: silence Cython warnings about changes dtype/ufunc size.
* fcacdcc FIX: use py24-compatible version of virtualenv on Travis
* d01354e FIX: loosen numerical tolerance in test_pareto()
* 65ec87e TST: Add test for boolean insert
* 9ee9984 TST: Add extra test for multidimensional inserts.
* 8460514 BUG: Fix for issues #378 and #392 This should fix the
problems with numpy.insert(), where the input values were not checked
for all scalar types and where values did not get inserted properly,
but got duplicated by default.
* 07e02d0 BUG: fix npymath install location.
* 6da087e BUG: fix custom post_check.
* 095a3ab BUG: forgot to build _dotblas in bento build.
* cb0de72 REF: remove unused imports in bscript.
* 6e3e289 FIX: Regenerate mtrand.c with Cython 0.17
* 3dc3b1b Retain backward compatibility. Enforce C order.
* 5a471b5 Improve ndindex execution speed.
* 2f28db6 FIX: Add a test for Ticket #2066
* ca29849 BUG: Add a test for Ticket #2189
* 1ee4a00 BUG: Add a test for Ticket #1588
* 7b5dba0 BUG: Fix ticket #1588/gh issue #398, refcount error in clip
* f65ff87 FIX: simplify the import statement
* 124a608 Fix returned copy
* 996a9fb FIX: bug in np.where and recarray swapping
* 7583adc MAINT: silence DeprecationWarning in np.safe_eval().
* 416af9a pavement.py: rename "yop" to "atlas"
* 3930881 BUG: fix bento build.
* fbad4a7 Remove test_recarray_from_long_formats
* 5cb80f8 Add test for long number in shape specifier of dtype string
* 24da7f6 Add test for long numbers in numpy.rec.array formats string
* 77da3f8 Allow long numbers in numpy.rec.array formats string
* 99c9397 Use PyUnicode_DecodeUTF32()
* 31660d0 Follow the C guidelines
* d5d6894 Fix memory leak in concatenate.
* 8141e1e FIX: Make sure the tests produce valid unicode
* d67785b FIX: Fixes the PyUnicodeObject problem in py-3.3
* a022015 Re-enable unpickling optimization for large py3k bytes objects.
* 470486b Copy bytes object when unpickling an array
* d72280f Fix tests for empty shape, strides and suboffsets on Python 3.3
* a1561c2 [FIX] Add missing header so separate compilation works again
* ea23de8 TST: set raise-on-warning behavior of NoseTester to release mode.
* 28ffac7 REL: set version number to 1.7.0rc1-dev.

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