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Scott Collis scollis.acrf at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 20:37:13 EDT 2012

Good evening fellow Numpy-ers!

I sent an email a while ago about a employment opportunity at Argonne National Laboratory but I think I sent it from the wrong address so it bounced.

We are seeking to hire some one to work on a python based toolkit for working with scanning weather radar. The main role for this person will be to find novel ways of working with large radar based data sets, probably writing code in C, C++ and Fortran to make advanced modules available in Python. Working with communities such as this will be encouraged  in this new position. Argonne is a multidisciplinary lab in the Chicago burbs.. once you get over the cold winters you will enjoy good parks, schools and easy access to Chicago!

Take a look at the description here:

and use the PD to apply here: http://web.anl.gov/jobsearch/detail.jsp?userreqid=319854+EVS&lsBrowse=ALL

Basically you can read the job description as: This person will build and maintain a scikit for working with weather radars… 

Thanks for your time,

Dr Scott Collis
ARM Precipitation Radar Translator
Environmental Sciences Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Mb: +1 630 235 8025
Of: +1 630 252 0550

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